Attention: You don’t have to write IELTS to get a Canadian Visa
No TRAVEL HISTORY Required, here's how anyone with as low as 300k-1.5 million naira can move to CANADA in 2021 and earn up to $2,200 monthly for at least 2 years or for life...

Before you read on, this isn’t another over hyped “travel to Canada” offer or advert, I can swear an oath that this works, see mind blowing testimonies right below…

From the desk of John Uduma (Practicing Educational and international travel consultant)

Yes, Now it's Finally Time for the Big Reveal - "The Unique Canada Visa Blueprint"

Dear Friend,

I want to show you my Unique Canada Visa Blueprint (CVB) to getting your Canadian visa application approved in half the time it takes most Nigerians who apply.

Best Part?

You won’t have any reason to get scammed

You don’t need to bow to anybody or sell your soul to satan (whatever the means)

Using what I’ll show you,

You can definitely get yourself to Canada

These are the same steps over 300 Nigerians now in Canada followed this year…

So be sure you’re on the right track.

In a moment, I’ll give you all the details

But first…

Here’s why there’s never been a better time to process your Canadian Visa

On Wednesday, April 7th, the former prime minister went to TV to announce that they want Canada’s population to grow to 100 million

Which means…

The restrictions on immigration are at an all time low

And it’s now 3x easier to get your Canada Visa approved.

Even at that, 70 in 100 Nigerians who apply for Canadian Visa are rejected 


Simply this:

They’re doing it the old way…

But once you understand how to process your application using the simple CVB process I’ll show you

Your Canada visa is as good as approved 

Even if you’ve tried 7 times without success.

Take Afolake for example, she’s been trying to get into Canada for 3 years now

No Success

Until she tried out what I’m about to show you and made another attempt;

A few weeks ago,

She wrote to say:

And there’s Blessing

But Afolake and Blessing are not alone.

There’s Olu, Tobi, Chinedu and hundreds of Nigerians like you who have successfully moved to Canada using this Unique Canada Visa Blueprint

And today, it’s your turn.

To help you get Started 

Here’s my Unique Canada Visa Blueprint to help you get your visa approved in 7 months or less

“Education is of high value here in Canada...”

Those were the words of Japhet, an admission consultant for Oakland consulting services in Canada when we spoke over the phone.

“If Nigerians really want to get a visa to Canada, I advise they choose a study visa because it gets approved faster than any other visas…”

The good news is that

Not all schools in Canada Requires IELTS for international students to be admitted…

To get started, you need a notice of admission/proof of acceptance from a recognized institution in Canada like Manitoba University 

To get that, you can Google schools in Canada that don’t require IELTS and apply for any admission of your choice then make payment of the application fee of about $100 to the school

Once the admission is gotten, you can proceed to apply for your Canadian Visa following these simple steps:

Unique Canada Visa Blueprint Steps:

  1. Check the processing time through the Canada consulate website for an approximate time taken to process a student visa

  2. Determine how you will apply

  • Apply Online- neatly scan and create electronic copies of your documents for uploading and also have a valid credit card for payment. You will also have to visit a regional visa application centre (VAC/VFS) to provide a finger scan and also to submit passports, your confirmation or form and fee payment. (These steps vary in terms of the documents you need to carry to VFS)

  • Apply in person- simply download the application kit and read the instruction guide carefully anduse the document checklist. Then go to the VFS office to start your application.

  1. Fill out the VFS consent form and attach it with your application form. You will need this form to get the assistance of VFS services for your visa process.

  2. Pay the processing fee - when submitting your application through VFS, in person or by mail, visa fees must be paid in addition to the VFS global service charges. These fees are non-refundable in all cases.

  3. Submit your application and supporting documents physically at the VFS office and also give your biometrics. Once you pay the service charge and submit your complete application, you’ll be given a receipt that contains your unique tracking code to track the progress of your application online.

  4. Once your application is approved, you will receive a notification from the government of Canada requesting for your passport for you to be provided with the visa.

All you have to do is follow the above steps as I outlined them

Just that

Nothing more

Nothing less

And the results will marvel you.

Now maybe you fear you’ll be stuck somewhere and you’ll want to seek for help all through the Process

I understand. And that’s why

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