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La Hegj

Welcome to the International Anglophone Programs at Université la HEGJ – your resource for success! I am pleased that you are considering studying at Université La HEGJ, an institution renowned for, teaching and learning a commitment to engaging with society’s challenges and research.
I invite you to explore our wide selection of programs especially designed for you, whether you are a student or a professional seeking to maximize your potentials or gain state-of-the-art knowledge in your field.

Université la HEGJ offers a full range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Our undergraduate programmes have been carefully designed to ensure that each student is well prepared for the working environment of the 21st century.
There are three (3) important reasons why you should opt to study at Université la HEGJ.

  • First, you will have the opportunity to get an internationally recognized qualification.
  • Second, we will expose you to some of the best lecturers and teachers in this part of the world. The quality of your education is directly related to the quality of the faculty staff teaching you.
  • Third, we aim to prepare leaders for the future. You will acquire an education that extends beyond the classroom curriculum.

We started small, but with big ambitions.
Our academics have produced work which has inspired entire generations and helped establish Université La HEGJ reputation for research in the Republic of Benin, particularly in the social sciences. This ranges from pioneering work on poverty and inequality, to the development of the world’s first publicly available computer language.


To provide leadership and inspiration for learning and human development in urban communities.


To become a premier urban school of education recognized for its diversity, and known for excellence in teaching, learning and research.

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