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This program enables foreign students to gain access to study at the higher institution level in Turkey. For students applying for BSC, they are to write an exam called the YOS Exam while for MSC/PHD, no exam is required.



The YÖS Examination is an entrance examination designed for foreign students wishing to study in higher education institutions in Turkey.

This examination was set and administered by the Student Selection and Placement Centre (ÖSYM) until 2010, when universities began conducting their own versions of the exam.[2] The results of this exam apply only for students wishing to enrol in undergraduate programmes. Students presently enrolled in undergraduate programmes who seek a transfer, and also those who wish to follow postgraduate programmes, should apply directly to the institutions of their choice.

The YÖS Examination is composed of two tests:

  1. The “Basic Learning Skills Test” assesses abstract reasoning. The questions have a minimal dependence on language but explanations are given in Turkish and English. This section includes 80 questions, 45 IQ and 35 math. It takes 90 minutes.
  2. The “Turkish Language Proficiency Test” assesses the applicant’s comprehension of written Turkish. The Turkish test takes 60 minutes. It is only used to decide whether a candidate who has been accepted into a programme conducted in Turkish can immediately commence that programme or not.

Approximately 9,200 candidates from various countries take the YÖS Examination.

If you partake in the next YOS Exams in Africa, you will be eligible fo 90% off tuition scholarship to study in over 100 government owned universities in Turkey or full tuition waiver and meal waiver in the YOS host University (TOKAT GASIOMASPASA UNIVERSITY) OR GOODMUS FULL SCHOLARSHIP from stage 2-5 covering visa processing, flight ticket, insurance, resident permit, accommodation in Turkey, feeding throughout the stay of the student in Turkey, Clothing, Tuition fee and post graduate admission to Germany/Usa/Canada/UK.

Exam registration fee: 350,000 naira

Application fee for MSC/PHD: 350,000naira

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