University Mission and Vision

Manipal International University (MIU), a member of the Manipal Global Education Group, is a full-fledged Malaysian university offering multidisciplinary programs with a focus in the fields of Science, Engineering, Business and Mass Communication.

The Manipal Education Group has been responsible for producing some of the brightest minds in Asia for the past 60 years. The Group has a network of six campuses and affiliations with 30 universities worldwide.

Building on the success of the Melaka Manipal Medical College in Malaysia, the Manipal Education Group brings its multidisciplinary expertise to Malaysia through MIU.


  • To produce socially conscious, competent, innovative, and confident human capital for the 21st century – in abundance!


MIU will strive to EXCEL.

  • Ensure holistic development of individual.
  • eXplore opportunities to collaborate and synergize with the best universities across the world to develop a world-class institution.
  • Create programs that are aligned with the economic development of Malaysia and the region.
  • Establish lasting industry relationships for a win-win solution.
  • Learn the best practices of top universities around the World.

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