Studying abroad is a global phenomenon in which students receive the best education across countries, continents and the sea. But why has it become so popular to choose a university destination in the Republic of Benin? If you have considered studying abroad and probably in the Republic of Benin. Maybe it made you feel uneasy, suspicious, and even scary. Don’t worry, you are not alone.

Moving to another country to study is a big step and probably one of the most important life decisions you make. This decision is big for your future, so you may still need some persuasion and a little support.

Discussed below, are 6 reasons why the Benin Republic should be your destination for studies


Four or five years is a long time to be in school. The traditional bachelor’s degree takes at least four years to complete. But we have accelerated the program to let you complete your B.Sc. in far less time. Most times under 3 years- depending on the course you study

If you are looking for a fast and quality degree program, this is where you need to be.  The fact that we do not dwell on irrelevant theoretical teachings but focus on relevant topics, saves us a lot of time and resources.

Most arts and social science courses can be completed within 3 years or less. Engineering and medical courses will take 4 years to complete. The summer programs have made it even faster for students.

Another greater, faster and more convenient way of getting your degree is the distance learning programs. It costs lesser than on-campus study and makes you study at your own pace but It all depends on how disciplined and willing you are to go full in.

Students should not be subjected to spending over half a decade in school. Finish school faster and get on with “Real life” sooner.


The Academic curriculum in most of Africa’s Educational institutions – from primary to tertiary is older than the countries themselves. They were passed down by the British colonial masters over 60 years ago.

The British have moved on to change their curriculum with current and practical content which have ensured the production of innovative and highly creative graduates. Back here in Nigeria to be specific there is an over-reliance on paper qualifications as opposed to the skills and can-do attitude of an individual.

The die-hard old lecturers are still taking students through long boring theoretical lectures, and shoving old rusty textbooks down their throats for them to cram.

Why would somebody who studied Banking and finance go through several months of training before being employed at a bank? What was that individual studying in school for the last 4-5 years?

Most worrisome is the fact that a person graduates from school and realizes that 99% of what was studied in school is no longer relevant in the real world today. The outdated curriculum has made it difficult for these graduates to be employable and therefore requires that they are retrained to fit into various organizations.

The knowledge passed across to students is tantamount to a waste of time and resources because knowledge attained through an obsolete or archaic curriculum is not valued in this present era.

Here in Benin Republic, we have redesigned a quality curriculum and practical way of teaching. Our lecturers have been trained and are still being trained from time to time to meet up with current events and innovations in the global arena.

Quality education produces quality individuals who will thrive and confidently stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other people, anywhere they find themselves. They will not only be out seeking employment but they will create employment themselves.


Remember the Foreign Language Skills you picked up in Secondary School?  No. Refresh them by studying abroad; You might be surprised at how much you remember, You may have learned French from Song lyrics and movies, or you may have studied the main grammar and vocabulary during school, but you will always have to use it in real – life situations and Interactions.

Just think how many new things you will learn after talking, Studying and taking an exam in French: Famous phrases, quotes or even curse words (but we are not encouraging that!) Plus, you can also improve your Language more formally by taking a professional French program and be awarded a certificate.

Since French is such a universally used Language, it can be quite advantageous to study in a country such as Benin Republic. You will be able to study in English, learn French and really develop your language skills.

You will be exposed to the various interesting cultures of the Beninese and also visit a lot of exciting places.


There are certain courses that most Nigerian universities do not offer or do not teach effectively. These courses are hot-cake and what people have used to build a lifelong dream career. They are Music, performing arts, Linguistics, Mass Communication, Marketing, International relations, and Software Engineering- just to name a few.

As usual, most schools just deal with the history, irrelevant and theoretical aspects of these courses with little or no practice.

For instance, a student who studied mass communication should be able to communicate news and message to the public at large, accurately and effectively as the course implies but this is not the case for most students who spend years with their heads buried in Textbooks.

Here, you will learn strong public speaking and presentation skills. You will know how to write well, speak with confidence, carry out dialogues and craft convincing arguments. There is even an opportunity for you to enrol and acquire ‘hard skills’ like videography, photography and graphics which all aim at you being the best all-round in your field. The mass communication and media industries are on the lookout for people who possess these professional skills.

A marketing student will learn about psychology, human behaviour, the art of persuasion and communication. The student will be exposed to various ways of effective advertisement and creating brand awareness.

In a nutshell, there is a complete implementation of the practical aspects and strategies of these courses, equipping students for the real world.


There is nothing quite like being on your own in a foreign country. You might find that studying abroad brings out your independent nature. Students who study abroad become explorers of their new nature and really discover the curiosity and excitement that they harbour.

A benefit to studying abroad is the opportunity to discover yourself while gaining and understanding of a different culture. Being in a place by yourself can be overwhelming and even difficult at times, and it tests your ability to adapt to diverse situations while being able to solve problems.

However, you will learn how to be independent and mature, and you will become more confident and grow as a person.

The biggest reason you should consider studying in a foreign country is the opportunity to see the world. By studying abroad, you will experience a brand-new country

For most students, this time may be the only opportunity to travel abroad for a long period of time, eventually, you will get a job, and build a family and career and the opportunity to study abroad may turn out to be a once-in-a-life time opportunity

Take this opportunity to travel the world with no commitments but to study, meet people and learn new things.

With Nigeria as a case study; there are millions of Nigerians that have never and might never be able to cross the borders of Nigeria into another country. You having that opportunity is huge and you should make good use of it.

In addition, you’ll be a step closer to visiting neighboring counties like Togo, Ghana, Niger and Burkina Faso.


When you think about school and the experience, you’ll have there, you probably think about learning, growing and expanding your mind and knowledge. But one thing you should also think about is the meaningful and strong relationships and friendships you will form in and outside the classroom

No matter where you go to university, you are sure to meet a lot of new people and make new friends who are all in the same position as you.

You will learn to work with a team, collaborate with others, as well as how you get along with managers and supervisors. Learning to get along with people especially ones from different countries and cultures improves your people skills and this is an indispensable soft skill that you’ll need in whatever field you’re in

And, as a plus, by making international friends, you will have additional reasons to travel around the world.

Many life friendships start at University. It can also be hugely beneficial to know people in different countries around the world especially after you graduate, for connections and job opportunities!

On the other hand, Benin Republic is one the most stable and safe countries in West Africa


Despite these advantages, students who come to study in Benin Republic with a blind-eye might face huge setbacks and regret if they fall into the wrong hands.

As many as universities are in Benin Republic, there are a good number of them that are not accredited to offer certain courses. Even some are not recognized or accredited to offer any course at all.

Students ignorantly walk into such institutions, spend their time and money before realizing they are in the wrong place. The repetition of such incidents has brought harm to the reputation of accredited Benin Republic Universities. Many people have been led to belief that all schools in Benin Republic are not accredited.

This is what inspired the creation of Jaysmart Ventures in partnership with Beninfo247, the No 1 educational consultancy firm and informational portal in the Whole of Benin Republic. Dedicated to counselling and orienting students on the best-accredited schools to go to for their desired course of study. Not only are we interested in getting students settled in and comfortable while studying, we have also initiated part payments scholarship programs to enable convenience and affordability for more students.

We can proudly say that we are the number one go-to for any student who aspires to study in Benin Republic. We’ll walk hand in hand with you, every step of the way, from the start to the finish of your program.

The benefits of studying in Benin Republic cannot be overemphasized and it out ways the drawbacks. It is probably going to be a bumpy ride but here is a promise- it’s going to be the ride of your lifetime.

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