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Firstly, I have got a Good News for you.

This isn't another crappy course where they over promise and under deliver...

This is 100% trustworthy....

Let me start by sharing one of the stories that inspires me with you...

Some years ago, a young lady in her National diploma lost her father to septicemia.

It was so crazy that she couldn't further with her education, while all hopes were lost.

She started a Mini Provision business on campus and was able to fund her education and take care of her 4 siblings..

Right now as I speak to you, she is comfortable and already diversified into fashion items, she remains one of our living testimony today..

I feel so sad when I meet people and ask them a simple question...

What do you do?

And they say, I am a student..

As if being a student is an occupation..

As a Student right now, this is the best time to build the future, if you fail to start making money right now...

It will tell in the future..

While your mates are on Job hunting, you will be busy making money and growing your business..

You will start screaming, "I'm glad I did this" out of excitement...

For how long will you keep waiting on mum and dad for everything??

How will you feel if I tell you that I have discovered a means for you to constantly get a loan not less than N20,000 from the bank every two weeks?

With this loan, you can comfortably start your own business, scale the business, pay back the loan and collect more till your business grows to the level where you won’t have to take loan anymore but become a giver of loan.

The only challenge with this is that the loan is given to specific students who meet the requirements for it.

The requirements aren’t hard but you just have to be a part of the special students schooling with us in Benin Republic.

When I say special student, I mean students who are recognized as those who were given admission by Jaysmart Ventures. It’s just our little way of saying thank you for trusting us.

We’re not just after the money you’ll pay for your tuition and Registration fee. Our concern is to also see you study comfortably without having financial issues or disturbing your parents for money.

I’m Introducing a special student loan for every fresh student and direct entry student that applies for admission with us NOW!!!

What are the Benefits of the student loan?

  • Capital sponsorship for your business
  • Opportunity to get the loan more than once in a month
  • Flexible payback time
  • And lots more

The talk is becoming too much right? I’m sure you just want to know how you can be part of those who’ll be called special students too.

Before I guide you through on the steps to take, check out some of the testimonies of students who have benefited from the special offer.

Being a Student Entrepreneur saved my life

I had always wanted to be independent even as a student. I never wanted to always call home for money because I knew how demanding the bills were on my parents since I also have younger siblings. I got the opportunity to study in Leadpreneur Academy Benin Republic and also get to start my own business through the business loan offer I got from Jaysmart Ventures and I made up to 100,000 naira monthly even before I graduated and now run my own business.

Rukky Tive-Denedo  //  Graduate of Mass Communication

It indeed feels good to make money as a student

I joined Leadpreneur Academy in 2019 to study Computer Science. I never had the intention of making money because I had a promise of a job offer once I graduate. while in school, my mindset was changed and I started to think of ways to make money. After getting to know about the student loan offer, I applied for it and got the loan. That not alone, I was also guided on a business to invest in. I started buying shoes at a cheaper price and selling it to students from other schools. Within a month, I was able to double my capital. Though I'm still in school, I am happily paying my bills and looking forward to expanding my business.

Juliet Emmanuel  //  Computer Science Student

Does this just come alone?

Damn NO!

We won’t just leave you stranded and let you spend the loan wrongly, we’ll personally Coach you on how to multiply this money even while you’re studying and ensure that you make a huge profit from it within a short period of time.

The only challenge is that, many people will still not take advantage of this offer now thinking it's just another empty promise. 

That's fine too as we keep having people jump on it every single day.

You could decide to be a part of these people today or keep hoping to someday get enough reasons to convince you while time keeps going.

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

We promise to refund your registration fee if you apply and end up not getting the admission within 2 weeks of submitting the form and making payment of your registration fee.

You can decide to join the special students right away or:

  • Sit for JAMB again

  • Gain admission and still wait for mummy and daddy to send you money that might not be enough for you every month

  • Miss this offer for life

  • Remain confused on how best to start a business as a student

  • Etc

Frequently asked Questions:

What happens after I make payment for the Registration fee?

Your admission letter will be sent to you and a guide on how to accept the admission and also come over to school.

How do I get to talk to someone during the admission process?

Immediately you fill the form, we’ll capture your contact details and our representative will reach out to you to guide you on what next to do or simply click on the WhatsApp logo at the bottom right of your screen to reach out to us on WhatsApp.

Is the school accredited?

Yes it is accredited by both the ministry of education, NUC and even NYSC

Are payment compulsorily made on campus or online?

Payments are either made online or on campus. The account details are the same, you are also advised not to pay into any individual’s account.

All payments are to be made through the links in the form. Once you feel the form, you'll be taken to the payment page, kindly follow the instructions on the page to make your payment.

How do I get to the school?

Depending on your location, our staff are always ready to direct you on how to successfully get here without stress.

Fee Structure:

  • online study fee

  • Online direct entry/transfer fee

  • On Campus study fee

  • On campus Direct entry/transfer fee

100 Level (Fresher)

This is the fee structure for students who will like to study online from wherever they are.

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