“Decoding the FG Suspension: i-FATOSS University-Benin Webinar – Your Ultimate Guide to Understanding the Benin Republic Schools’ Degree Evaluation Halt”

I-FATOSS University Benin

I-Fatoss University Benin Republic

On the 2nd of January 2024, a News trend went viral in Nigeria and beyond. This was due to the Suspension placed by the Federal Government of Nigeria on the Evaluation of Degrees obtained from Benin and Togo Republic Universities.

As a result of this, so many questions have been raised and many persons are left in doubt as to what their next options will be.

To get this fixed, I-FATOSS University Benin, based in Cotonou, Benin has decided to organize a Webinar where many of the questions will be answered by the Registrar, Dr. Joshua Eze and the Director of Admissions, Mr. John Uduma.
This session will hold on the 15th of January 2024 at 9pm via Google meet.
This session is strictly open to those who register for it.

Registration is free.

To register, simply click this link I-Fatoss University Benin Webinar and fill your details on the form provided.

The link to the session will be sent to your mail and via WhatsApp. Be sure to get answers to all your questions.

See you there!!!

I-Fatoss University Benin Stands for Quality Education: Advocating for Fair Evaluation Amidst Certificate Racketeering Investigations

I-FATOSS University Benin

In the realm of higher education, integrity and credibility are non-negotiable attributes that define the value of academic qualifications. I-Fatoss University Benin Republic (IFA-TOSSI), a beacon of quality education, aligns itself with the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Ministry of Education in addressing the pressing issue of certificate racketeering. The university recognises the significance of maintaining the sanctity of academic qualifications and ensuring individuals possess the requisite skills and knowledge in their chosen fields.

Supporting Government Initiatives

At iFatoss University Benin Republic, there is unwavering support for the government’s initiative to investigate and rectify the challenges posed by certificate racketeering. Upholding academic standards is a shared responsibility, and the university is committed to playing its part in fostering an environment where educational credentials are a testament to genuine academic achievement.

Advocating Fair Evaluation and Accreditation

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While supporting the investigation, iFatoss University, Benin Republic, advocates for a fair evaluation and accreditation process for degrees obtained from Benin and Togo republics. It is crucial to distinguish between institutions that uphold rigorous academic standards and those engaged in fraudulent practices. A blanket rejection of degrees from these countries could unfairly penalise genuine institutions that provide quality education.

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Comprehensive Evaluation Mechanism

iFatoss University proposes the establishment of a comprehensive evaluation mechanism to assess the credibility and quality of degrees awarded by institutions in Benin and Togo republics. This evaluation should take into account various factors, including curriculum robustness, faculty qualifications, infrastructure, and adherence to academic standards.

By implementing a fair evaluation process, reputable institutions can be identified, and deserving graduates can be recognised for their legitimate qualifications. This approach ensures that the achievements of students from institutions committed to excellence are not overshadowed by the actions of a few.

Encouraging Collaboration for Transparency

iFatoss University, Benin Republic, encourages collaborative efforts between Nigerian regulatory bodies, particularly the National Universities Commission (NUC), and their counterparts in Benin and Togo republics. Establishing a transparent and effective evaluation system requires sharing information, conducting joint inspections where necessary, and establishing clear guidelines for accreditation.

In a statement, Dr (Amb) Eze J. Chidiebere, the Registrar of iFatoss University, emphasised the need for collaboration. “We believe that working together with regulatory bodies from both countries will result in a transparent and effective evaluation process. This collaboration will not only address the current challenges but also set a precedent for future educational partnerships.”

Inviting Students to a Webinar: Clarifying the Path Forward

I-FATOSS University Benin

In light of the ongoing developments and the need for clarity, iFatoss University is hosting an exclusive webinar on Monday, 15th January 2024. This webinar aims to provide students with insights into the institution’s stance, the ongoing investigations, and the proposed solutions for fair evaluation and accreditation.

Webinar Details:

  • Date: Monday, 15th January 2024
  • Time: 9:00 pm – 10:00 pm WAT
  • Platform: Live Streaming
    • Speakers: Dr (Amb) Eze J. Chidiebere (Registrar),Mr. John Uduma (Director of Admissions i-FATOSS University Benin)

More Info

  • www.ifatossuniversity.edu.bj

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