What you need to know before coming to Benin Republic in 2023

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Benin Republic 2023


Students who are not coming with a straight bus or car to Cotonou from whatever location in Nigeria will need a clearer direction on how to find their way down to Benin Republic.

From wherever location you find yourself in Nigeria, all you need to do is travel from your location to Lagos. Ask the driver to drop you at mile 2.

Once you arrive at mile 2, locate the cars and buses calling for passengers to seme by the right side of the road. If this task seems hard, you should get help from road sellers. Charges from mile 2 to SEME border by car is usually within the price range of 1000-2,000 naira. Never forget to remain cautious to ensure the safety of your luggage throughout the journey.

Mile 2 to Seme border takes about 2hr with some traffic, this can be more on a bad day, so be sure to start your trip very early to beat traffic.

Following the closure of Seme border in 2019, students seem a bit confused and even reluctant to come down to Benin Republic. Be informed that the border is closed for goods, not people. People can still cross the border as usual with or without a passport. Only the entry of goods has been banned, even those for which they have already paid customs duties.

Aside from the main border gate, there are other routes people use to cross the border, especially after closing time. These routes are village bush tracks and are not safe to follow especially at night.

Let’s make this clear if for any reason you are unable to arrive at the border before 10pm. Don’t border coming, simply lodge in a hotel at Badagry or wherever you are and then continue your journey the next day. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

On your arrival at the border, note that your car or bus will stop at Conoil filling station or a park at the left-hand side of the road at the Seme border. For students without an international passport, once you alight from the vehicle, get a good bike (the good ones have some sort of ID Card) usually charged at 1,500/2,000 naira or more and cross into Benin Republic following either the main gate or bush tracks. The bike rider should drop you at the park where you will join a car heading to Cotonou.

Students with an international passport can just walk down to the main gate and stamp their passport which would cost about 500 – 1,000 Naira and then head to the park.

Note that your money should be changed from naira to CFA., at this point, you need to act smart. You should ask for the exchange rate before the exchange takes place to avoid being cheated, you can call a Jaysmart Ventures representative to help you with the current exchange rate.

NOTE: You should only change the money you’ll use for your personal expenses. DO NOT CHANGE YOUR TUITION FEE

After you’re done changing some money, it is important that you locate any SIM card store and buy a SIM Card to enable you to stay in touch with a representative of Jaysmart Ventures at +22961042055 for more directions.

At the park now, you should then board a cab to Cotonou which should cost 1,000-3,000 CFA. Be sure to instruct the driver that you’ll be stopping at “Abattoir Carrefour” then call us at +22961042055 for more directions.

Sometimes Cabs take a while to be filled with passengers and students prefer to use a bike if they aren’t with much luggage. The price for that ranges from 1,000-2,000 CFA

Always ensure the safety of your luggage at every point. Make sure you are with all the necessary belongings and requirements

Stay safe and Welcome to Benin Republic

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