HND Flyer
HND Flyer

HND conversion program in Benin Republic Universities offer courses that allow its students to be leaders forged in the vision of a new Africa. The one that reacts in favour of the expectations of the youth in terms of quality of teaching and especially of employment.

Our vision fits into the application of regional and international standards of education that meet the expectations of stakeholders (students, states, companies, teachers …).

Taking into account the African socio-economic environment requires collaboration within our school, teachers from a variety of backgrounds (Professors, researchers, business practitioners and professional associations such as the other).

The type of collaboration and the entrepreneurial program of our school will allow our students at the end of training to be necessarily creators of companies able to reinvent their world.


This package is strictly for persons with the Higher or advanced diploma degree from any recognized university across the globe. Application for it is available all through our academic semesters and it requires no entrance exam or screening.

The conversion process lasts for an academic year in this format:

  • Application/registration period
  • Project topic submission and approval period
  • Project writing and supervision
  • Project defense and approval
  • HND result verification
  • Conversion proper

These process has been made very flexible for every applicant, all you have to do or your successful conversion from HND to BSC with us is to write an Academic project relating to the course of study or your BSC conversion. Below is the list of courses available for conversion with us:

  • Computer science
  • Microbiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Political science
  • International relations
  • Economics
  • Accounting
  • Banking and finance
  • Human resource management
  • Business administration
  • Public administration
  • Mass communication
  • Statistics
  • Mathematics
  • etc


This varies based on the school but our best option remains i-FATOSS UNIVERSITY.

The first payment is the application fee after which your admission letter will be processed and sent to you email. Then you can proceed to make payment for the acceptance fee and 50% of the Conversion fee. After which your project topic will be approved and you can start working on it.

Contact us for more information.

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