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How long does it take to gain admission?

Benin Republic Universities: It takes about 48hrs to go through your application and your admission letter will be sent within a week after application approval.

Germany Universities: The processing takes about 4 months and you admission letter will be ready.

USA and Canada Universities: Same as with Germany.

Dubai Admission: Contact Us for more details

Do I get a dissount if I’m a frequent customer?

Depending on our services, we have a way of appreciating our regular customers.

How guaranteed is the admission?

Our admission is 100% guaranteed as long as every applicant meets the requirements.

Are there scholarship opportunities?

For every student applying for Germany, note that you’re automatically placed on scholarship, For Benin Republic, there’s an availability of half-payment scholarship while USA and Canada doesn’t fully guarantee scholarship except for selected occasions.

How do we do business with you?

Contact us on WhatsApp or direct calls for details based on the business you wish to do with us.

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