Challenges Of Studying in Cotonou


5 Challenges faced by Aspiring Students wishing to study in Benin Republic and their Solutions…


Studying in Benin Republic has become one of the most talked about topics by students in Nigeria basically due to the fact that lots of their mates who have taken the bold step to study there have either graduated or even finished serving.


For the purpose of this article, I’ll be sharing 5 major challenges faced by aspiring Benin Republic students and the solutions to these challenges.

👉 Accreditation problem:

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The topmost issue people have when it comes to studying in Benin Republic is the issue of accreditation and recognition. Truthfully, most schools in Benin Republic are not accredited and do not have the right to issue certificates on some courses. One thing you should note is that, the accreditation for schools in Benin 🇧🇯 is done based on course and faculties.

Where the challenge comes up is basically when schools that are not accredited for particular courses begin to issue certificates for those courses.


Inasmuch as lots of schools would be open to admit as many students as possible, it is always good you apply for courses that are accredited for the school you wish to apply for. If you are not aware of these courses, do well to do enough findings before you proceed with the application.

👉 Study Abroad Potential:

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Another huge challenge most students face when considering the option to Study in Benin Republic is the possibility of them being able to use the certificates for further study in the UK, Canada, Australia, Russia and other top countries.

Some have even been rejected by schools in these countries because they submitted a “Benin Republic” certificate.


With my over 5 years of experience in the Study Abroad niche, I’ve been able to secure admissions for students from Benin Republic in countries like the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Dubai, Cyprus etc.

One main reason why schools in these countries raise eyebrows once they see a certificate from Benin Republic from an English-speaking applicant is due to the language.

Benin Republic is basically known as a French-speaking country and as such, it is expected that the language of learning is also French.

For this reason, schools would send rejection emails to applicants who do not have any attachments as proof to show that they studied in English and that their course was accredited at the time of graduation.

On such emails, there are also options for applicants to submit queries with proofs showing that the course was in English and also accredited.

Once you are able to prove your claim, you will be given an offer.

Students who end up with claims of being rejected just because they submitted “Benin Republic” certificates either didn’t apply the right way or chose not to submit the required documents aside from the transcripts and certificate.

👉 Tuition fee and cost of living:

Cost of Living Tech Pros Dice

This aspect can be highly devastating for an average applicant seeking to study comfortably.

Aside from the tuition fee that could be relatively higher than an average Federal institution in Nigeria, the cost of living in Benin Republic is undoubtedly higher than that of Nigeria due to the exchange rate issues.

Let’s start with the tuition fee, the least tuition fee per session is about 250,000 naira minus the hostel fee and application fee which would be amounting to 450/500k in total. Then the cost of living per month should be a rough estimate of 20-30k naira if you choose to stay in the hostel and if you decide to stay off campus, you would be spending as much as 50-100k monthly if you are not careful due to rent and other bills.

This is not to scare you away but to guide you on the best options to comfortably study here.


There are two major solutions to the expense issues for students here.

Solution 1: grab any 100% Tuition free scholarship you get from a good and accredited school.

Some schools give out slots to trusted organizations to sponsor a few students on a tuition-free scholarship where they get to study without having to pay any tuition fees till they graduate. All they need to do is to stay in the hostel at a discounted rate and then their focus would basically be on taking care of their feeding and personal expenses.

With such an offer, you won’t be spending up to 350,000 naira per session if you’re a careful spender.

Solution 2: Peer with friends to get accommodation and share your bills.

What some smart students who do not wish to stay in the hostel do in the absence of scholarship offers is simply peer with other students to rent apartments off campus where they get to share the bills.

👉 NUC and NYSC approval:


Another major challenge that holds back aspiring applicants who wish to study in Benin Republic is the question of if the schools are recognized by NUC and NYSC.

What you should note is that; NUC, being the National University Council for Nigeria, deals with only schools in Nigeria. The major approval foreign-based institutions get is from the Ministry of Education. Once they have such approval, NYSC is guaranteed for them as well.

The majority of schools in Benin Republic are approved by the Ministry of Education in Nigeria.

👉 Students’ Social Life:

Babs Dock Cotonou

Being a university student definitely goes beyond the four walls of the classroom to life off Campus and other extracurricular activities. This is one of the topmost concerns of aspiring students who wish to study in Benin Republic.

Inasmuch as the social life in Benin Republic cannot be compared to that of Lagos Nigeria not to talk of Nigeria as a whole, there are still a good number of fun activities going on in Benin Republic such as Clubbing, fashion shows, road trips, hiking, beach parties, excursions, non-stop nightlife, and lots more.

Also, note that the above-mentioned challenges are not conclusively all that disturbs applicants, some other challenges include: Program duration, Strike issues, Cultism etc.

The program duration is a minimum of 3 years, there are no strike issues in the country and due to how tight the security system is in Benin Republic, Cultism is not a threat at all.

Finally, there are challenges everywhere including the UK, Canada, Australia, America and the likes but what matters most is the fact that whatever documents you end up getting from any of the countries or locations of your choice are valuable and can be used to further your studies whenever and wherever you wish to do so.

My candid advice would be for you to make as much research as possible before choosing to proceed with your application and if you get lucky to meet reliable Educational Consultants like Jaysmart Ventures and the likes, kindly do well to stick to their assistance as it will go a long way to relieve you of the stress of finding the best options for yourself.

Cheers 🥂

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